Pocket watches are accessories that endured the test of time. Believe it or not, some pieces don’t disappear, but time itself makes them less practical and obsolete. A pocket watch is a classic timepiece that originated as far back as the 16 th century. While it lost out to the wrist watch during the second world war, it is still an important accessory treasured by many.

Are you thinking of getting a new timepiece? There are tons of modern women’s watches and men’s watches in Malaysia that you can consider, but if you want a valuable investment piece, go for a pocket watch. It is a beautiful watch with nostalgia attached.

Different Types of Pocket Watches

Pocket watches have two unique designs:

Open face

The open face pocket watch is required for the railroad workers of the 19 th century. This specific design has a pendant right above its 12 o’clock marker, as well as a sub dial near the 6 o’clock one.

Hunter case

These timepieces have spring-loaded metal lids which are designed to protect the crystal or glass from damage. If you want a pocket watch with a basic style, go for this one. Its lid features one hole at the middle part, providing enough space for the owner to read the time.

Pocket Watch Chains

A pocket watch is nothing without its chain.

Bolt ring.

This is the most versatile choice. The end part of this chain attaches to the pant’s belt loop, or clip on the vest’s button hole.

Belt bar

Use the belt bar for a more modern use. Its belt bar clips or slides at the top or belt of your pants. Then, the timepiece must easily slide into the pocket. In some cases, this chain resembles a little belt chain.

Wear a Pocket Watch for Casual Wear

A pocket watch is an attention-grabbing accessory that can be worn in any type of event, even casual ones. You can simply pair your pocket watch with your button-down shirt or jeans.