Technology is an ever-evolving field which means that you have to scale up every so often to meet new demands.

In the case of web hosting for example, if your customer base or audience has grown considerably over the years, shared web hosting- one of the most common types out there- will no longer be enough to provide you with the service that you and your clients need.

That is where VPS and Dedicated hosting services come in. These are usually offered by top hosting websites and they provide much better performance across the board than shared hosting.

That being said, both of the options here have their advantages and disadvantages. But do not worry, I will talk about them in more detail in this article.

VPS Hosting

To help you better understand how things work, I will first discuss them briefly. The idea of VPS hosting is that it is the same as shared hosting in that you are still placed in a single server along with other websites. However, that is where their similarities end.

The beauty of VPS hosting is that you are given your own server estate thanks to virtualization software. Basically, you are allotted specific resources that you can use on your website and you do not have to fear about your resources being taken up by other owners.

One of the major advantages of VPS hosting is its price. Because it is considered to be in the middle of both shared and dedicated hosting services, it is much cheaper for what you are given.

This makes this an ideal solution for small business owners who are enjoying huge success in small amount of time.

This type of hosting is also offered by top hosting websites out there, so you do not have to worry too much about finding ones who offer such.

The only disadvantage I can think of when using this type of web hosting is that you still do not have full control over the server since you are still just leasing space inside a particular computer along with other website owners.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are computers that are solely for use of a single person. That means that this provides you maximum performance, reliability, stability, and speed across the board.

You pretty much have the freedom to tweak the server to your liking because, well, you are allowed to do so. This makes it ideal for large companies due to the aforementioned reasons.

The problem with dedicated hosting is that they are pretty expensive.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

If you are a small business owner or someone who has a budding career, VPS hosting should meet all of your needs without breaking the bank. You are given dedicated resources, albeit still placed in a single server with others.

Dedicated hosting is best for large companies and organizations that would require top-notch web hosting services that provide maximum performance, stability, and security.